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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

THYCON has developed a range of Solar Power Inverter (SPI) products for the commercial and industrial UPS markets. With individual energy ratings ranging from 100kW to 1500kW , our Solar Inverter products utilise high efficiency current source technology to provide clean, renewable energy for both off grid and grid tied applications. A variety of control algorithms are available, including MPPT to control the Inverter outputs.

For larger solar installations, the use of 2 wire high voltage DC distribution back to a central Solar Inverter plant can have economic & efficiency advantages over the more common distributed inverter model. THYCON can provide DC/DC converters with and without MPPT control to achieve maximum effectiveness from you solar investment.

THYCON has a history of providing long life, robust equipment and is proud of the 25+ years of continuous use our equipment regularly achieves. With this in mind, the use of THYCON power conversion equipment ensures minimum total cost of ownership by minimising your capital expenditure over the life of your solar installation.

Tariff shifting or kW shaving is an emerging force in the electricity market. With huge savings possible by moving energy demand to low tariff periods, or restricting the peak kilowatt consumption of your site, a THYCON Peak Load Lopping Inverter (PLI) gives you control over your energy spend, by allowing energy to be stored during off peak times to be delivered during periods of peak cost or demand.

By combining our PLI and SPI products, THYCON can provide 24 x 7 micro-grids for remote applications or provide achieve lowest cost operations for large scale businesses and industrial properties. A THYCON Mini-Grid may be found at the new Sir Samuel Griffith Building, Griffith University, Queensland.

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