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High power, high voltage challenges have unique challenges. THYCON has developed a range of products and technologies to solve these problems.

Fault Current Limiting solutions are commonly restricted to air cored chokes or pyrotechnic fuses, THYCON has gone beyond these by developing a range of semiconductor based static circuit breakers and variable iron cored reactor fault current limiters.

THYCON’s Fault Current Limiter utilises iron-core technology coupled with a simple, robust & passive diode circuit to eliminate asymmetric faults. This reduces mechanical stresses on switchboards without any electronic control or monitoring circuitry.

More advanced designs provide the added capability of isolating a fault within one half of a power cycle. This system provides both asymmetric fault elimination and isolation within a single device. The fault current limiter may be supplied with series mechanical isolation, or utilise existing isolating devices.

Fault current limiters are available for both high and low voltage applications.

Static Circuit Breakers provide the ability to energise or isolate a supply within microseconds without the arc fault risk associated with mechanical circuit breakers.

The Static Circuit Breaker may be installed in series with a traditional circuit breaker, providing a site with thermal, magnetic and ultra-fast static tripping capabilities.

Static Circuit Breakers have applications in hazardous zones and may be constructed for both low and high voltage applications. Multiple Static Circuit Breakers can be integrated together to perform fast supply switching.

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