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Shore to Ship Power

Shore to Ship Power

The rising cost of fossil fuels and growing awareness of carbon emissions and their impact on our environment is steering many shipping companies to review their power consumption requirements and move towards cheaper and more sustainable alternatives.

For ships in dock, savings may be realised through the use of large Shore to Ship power substations. These systems convert the available mains power to a frequency and  voltage suitable to energise the ships hotel supplies. This allows the ships engines to be turned off, reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions and maintenance costs while in port.

THYCON Static Shore to Ship Power technology allows large scale conversion to be achieved at a fraction of the cost of comparable rotary solutions. Shore to Ship Converters may be supplied in portable structures for location at various points along the ship wharf or in central power houses for remote distribution to the ships.

THYCON equipment has a service life of 25+ years, providing long term economic benefits. The systems may be operated in parallel for increased power or to meet critical redundancy requirements.

THYCON Shore to Ship equipment may be found at several shipyards across Australia including AMC Perth, BAe Williamstown and ASC Adelaide to name a few.

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