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17 MVA Victorian Telecommunications Data Centre

A Victorian Telecommunications Data Centre is now THYCON’s single largest site with installed UPS capacity including 18 x 800kVA MPX UPS, 2 x 600kVA MPX UPS and 1 x 1000kVA UPS.

The systems were supplied against a demanding schedule, with systems being delivered and installed every two weeks for almost three months.

UPS Systems were provided in various configurations include 2(N+1), N+1 and N and are supported using Yuasa UXL 15 year batteries with an automatic battery data logging system (BDL).

Four UPS systems were installed in A+B dual cord configuration with 2 x 800kVA UPS units comprising the A & B supplies. In addition each of these systems can be reconfigured into a 2400kVA N+1 by closing an output AC bus tie between the two A & B outputs.

A further two 800kVA UPS units were installed in N+1 to replace older THYCON 900kVA UPS units which when originally installed in the mid 1980s were the largest static UPS systems in the world.

The final three UPS units were installed in standalone configuration with the 600kVA units supporting mechanical load while the 1000kVA supported a dedicated IT load.

All 800kVA and 600kVA systems were supplied with independent front end harmonic and power factor correction systems. These systems minimised rectifier currents while reducing harmonic content back into the supply.