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Active Power Factor Regulator

Active Power Factor Regulator

New sophisticated technologies require a quality power supply and businesses today cannot afford to have their productivity diminished by even occasional outages. Poor harmonic distortion, including voltage notching, flicker and short-term sagging are no longer acceptable reasons for productivity down time. A poor power factor also results in unnecessary penalty electricity rates that add to the operating costs of business.

THYCON Active Power Factor Regulators (APR) accurately and continuously regulate power factor and minimise harmonic distortion of the power supply to increase your business productivity.

At higher power levels, APRs can also provide substantial energy saving and improved power network availability for existing power distribution infrastructure.


APRs are suitable for any power quality application where accurate power factor regulation, harmonic voltage distortion mitigation (including voltage notching, flicker and short term sagging) or maximisation of existing power distribution infrastructure is required.

Beneficial applications of an APR

  • Minimised disturbance notching and flicker caused by heavily switched loads
  • Minimised electricity supply bill penalty costs
  • Increased power distribution network availability of up to 30%

APR features and benefits

THYCON’s Static Flywheel Technology
Continuous, accurate power factor regulation
Minimised harmonic distortion, notching, flicker and short term sagging
Energy saving
Soft-start control
Robust technology
High efficiency
High reliability
Low maintenance cost
Compact, modular construction
Indoor or outdoor
Australian made
Remote monitoring
THYCON power system monitor
Container modules

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