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Battery Data Logger

Battery Data Logger

The THYCON Battery Data Logger (BDL) measures, stores, displays and analyses multiple battery parameters continually without user intervention.

The BDL combines 0.1% measurement accuracy and advanced analytical techniques to report variances in the condition of all batteries in an installation.

Fast parallel scanning and data processing allow for simultaneous readings of individual batteries, or overall string/bank measurements to be available immediately to the user during any phase of the battery discharge or recharge cycle.


Typical BDL applications include monitoring:

  • UPS battery banks
  • Grid Energy Storage battery banks
  • Telecom exchange batteries
  • Battery banks in remote exchange, repeater stations

BDL features and benefits

High accuracy voltage measurement
No proprietary software required
Measures NiCd or lead acid batteries of any voltage
Measures up to 896 batteries over up to 16 battery banks
Flexible design allows for easy expansion
High efficiency
High reliability
Long life
Low maintenance cost
Compact, modular construction
Australian made

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