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High Current Rectifier

High Current Rectifier
THYCON’s High Current Rectifiers (HCR) utilise high power thyristor technology with advanced microprocessor-based control, monitoring and diagnostics. They are DC power supply programmable for either controlled current or controlled voltage operation.

Applications include rectifiers requiring:

  • Voltage regulation with current limiting
  • Current regulation with voltage limiting
  • Linear ramped output
  • Voltage compensation
  • Continuous or multiple-level programming
  • Adjustable process times
  • Adjustable total ampere-hour limit
  • Between full load and no load, and for mains fluctuations up to 6%
  • Constant current regulation: ±1%
  • Constant voltage regulation: ±1%
  • Ramp linearity: ±1%


  • Active pf and harmonic filtering control
  • Remote monitoring
  • THYCON power system monitor
  • Expansion
  • Container modules

HCR features and benefits

Continuous, accurate voltage and current regulation
Low harmonic distortion
Input unity power factor
Energy saving
Soft-start control
Multiple program storage
Built-in process timers
Precise control – fully programmable
High overload capacity
Robust technology
High efficiency
High reliability
Long life
Compact, modular construction
Indoor or outdoor enclosures
Australian made

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