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Solar Energy Management

Solar Energy Management Systems

Climate change and shrinking fossil resources require innovative concepts for future energy supplies. THYCON considers decentralised and modular energy technology as fundamental to an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply, in Australia and overseas.

As a pioneer in photovoltaic, THYCON aims to provide institutional owners of solar power plants with optimal yields and seamless supply to the public grid with maximized profitability thanks to its low-loss solar inverter, maximal power-point tracking and peak power support (grid energy storage peak lopping inverter).

A key component for feeding the solar power generated by the solar panel system to the public grid, is the inverter. This sophisticated equipment transforms the generated DC-power into grid compatible AC-power, according to severe standards and safety regulations.

One of the key challenges of the inverter is to assure that the solar cell’s output is transferred with the highest possible efficiency and yield. Even improvements in the range of tenths of a percent lead to appreciable increases in the customers’ profits since solar plants are an investment for at least 20 years. To enable this, THYCON  guarantees the long-term reliability it has long provided with the company’s range of UPS systems. Solar-farm profitability depends on efficiency, low life-cycle costs high harvest yields and availability, not only of sunshine but of power in its absence which can be achieved thanks to THYCON energy-storage and power regulation systems.

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