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Transformers and Reactors

Transformers and Reactors

Transformers are at the centre of all power systems as distribution and power supply transformers but also for special applications such as voltage regulation and phase-shifting.

The main types of transformer are described below:

  • Rectifier Transformers
  • Transformers for motor-drives
  • Transformers for Electro-winning
  • Transformers for Traction Substations
  • Inter-phase Transformnrs
  • Phase-shifting Transformer
  • Triplen Transformers
  • Tap-changing Transformers


Reactors or “chokes” are an essential part of all power and power-electronic systems. They fulfil a number of functions and require various technologies to optimally meet the diverse application needs.

The main categories of reactor are described below:

  • VAR Compensation and Shunt Reactors
  • Current-limiting Reactors
  • De-tuning and Damping Reactors
  • AC Reators for Notch and THD reduction
  • DC Reators
  • Smoothing Chokes
  • Inverter di/dt Chokes


THYCON manufactures these transformers and chokes using a variety of technologies including cast resin, liquid-immersed and dry types.

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