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UPS – Commercial (3P)

Uninterruptible Power Supply - Commercial (3Phase)

THYCON’s ComPower UPS represents an accurately balanced combination of unmatched reliability, excellent electrical performance, exceptionally compact size and outstanding cost-efficiency housed in an attractive enclosure.

The uniqueness of the ComPower UPS design lies in its technical simplicity which is based on THYCON’s transformerless, double-conversion (VFI – Voltage Frequency Independent) technology with unmatched reliability.

ComPower Mini

ComPower Mini is a third-generation transformerless double-conversion (VFI) power protection technology designed to protect a wide area of critical applications including server rooms, networks, telecommunication systems, industrial processes and medical equipment.

ComPower Mini addresses mid-sized server rooms, networks, telecommunication systems, industrial processes and medical equipment where the higher cost of scalable power protection solutions are not justified.

Furthermore, as ComPower Mini provides increased protection security and efficiency it can be used instead of multiple separate, smaller units spread throughout a facility.

ComPower Mini has been designed to provide an optimised price/ performance ratio. A number of exceptional features have been carefully selected and built into the ComPower Mini without a substantial increase in material contents in order to optimize both performance and cost benefits.

ComPower Maxi

ComPower Maxi, THYCON’s latest commercial three-phase UPS system, delivers the best combination of energy efficiency and overall power performance in the industry. Offering both intelligent energy management and maximum power protection ComPower Maxi helps you to use less energy, generate less CO2, take up less space and provide significant cost savings.

Facing continuous energy cost increases, Information Technology (IT) Managers can no longer ignore the savings of using a highly efficient UPS. ComPower Maxi has been specifically developed to meet the challenges of today’s IT infrastructures maximising energy cost savings while ensuring the highest level of power protection availability. ComPower Maxi’s exceptional design supports all organisation’s requirements to build and operate energy-efficient and environmentally friendly data centres. Cost savings from using THYCON’s high efficiency UPS often equal the cost of energy for power and cooling within a few years.

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