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UPS – Diesel Rotary

Active Power Factor Regulator

Diesel Rotary UPSs operate in parallel with the supply to filter unwanted spikes and outages. When a mains failure occurs the DRUPS takes over load, disconnecting the mains supply to provide a conditioned supply of controlled frequency and voltage that keeps the critical equipment going unaffected by the quality or the availability of mains power. The DRUPS provides up to 15s of backup power while the system transfers to generator power. As this time frame is very limited, generators are designed to start up with every brownout lasting more than 1s.

The Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS) provides advantages including 20 year design life, small footprint at high power, no battery or air-conditioning requirements and can be designed for LV and MV applications.


UPS protect critical applications that cannot afford to be disrupted by mains power failures such as computer systems and networks for defence, commerce and industry, newspaper presses, manufacturing machines and stadium lighting.

Modern, highly critical computer networks are often designed with redundancy to ensure continuing supply in the unlikely event of a UPS failure.

Redundancy methods are provided by:

  • Dual cord system design
  • N+1 design with static transfer switch
  • N+1 design with static bus tie
  • N+1 design with modular UPS application

Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS)

The E-DRUPS® is a Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) designed to protect critical users from disturbances such as total power failure, micro-cuts, voltage drops and surges, and slow voltage fluctuations. It also improves the power factor of the installation, rebalances phase currents and attenuates harmonic currents generated by non linear loads.

Due to the low internal reactance of the synchronous machine an excellent level of selectivity or discrimination can be achieved.

The E-DRUPS® comprises a diesel generator coupled via an “Electric Shaft” to one or more electrical machines called “Rotabloc®”, a power cabinet and a control cabinet with diagnostics.

The Electric Shaft eliminates the need for an electro-mechanical clutch allowing a “soft” start for the diesel engine plus a “soft” controlled transfer of load from the energy store to the 1500 rpm synchronous shaft. Features include the delay of diesel start for 1 second, separate room for genset, critical and non-critical load option and black start capability.

Mission critical power is guaranteed by the E-DRUPS® module either at low voltage or as a medium voltage solution.

The E-DRUPS® solution is a result of over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of rotating machines specific for UPS systems. E-DRUPS® provides an exceptionally high level of reliability and efficiency ensuring the user’s total protection and satisfaction.

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