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UPS – Industrial Modular

Uninterruptible Power Supply - Industrial Modular

The growing use of power electronic conversion in all industrial fields is driving the development of reliable, cost and energy-efficient solutions that are easy to source and install. This has lead to modular solutions where small, standard, “off-the-shelf” converter blocks are parallel-connected to make larger systems.

However, when building multi-MVA systems the number of small modules required and the associated complexity can make this approach prohibitive.

To address this situation, THYCON has developed a range of Double Conversion Modules (DCM) with power ratings from 400kVA to 800kVA. This reduces the number of modules required and makes a modular approach to very large systems practicable.

THYCON, with over 40 years experience in high power electronics, specialises in efficient and reliable equipment in order to achieve the highest possible availability as required by Australia’s rugged environment (heat, dust, remoteness) and demanding industries (Mining, Oil & Gas).

This is achieved through the following design strategies:

  •  High power mature thyristors are favoured over newer IGBTs for their high current and overload capabilities and their inherently low losses.
  • Fully rated thyristors are utilized in each DCM thereby avoiding the requirement for series or parallel connections.
  • The circuit topologies do not rely on high frequency switching which further minimises losses and allows the use of air-cooling without air-conditioning.
  • Minimised number of control boards and components.
  • The use of rugged passive components and mechanics.
  • Fuseless power circuit design. Resettable circuit breaker protection is used in favour of single use fuses.

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