Active Voltage Regulator

Active Voltage Regulator

The quality of power is becoming ever-more important to address the requirements of new and
sophisticated technologies. The availability of high-quality power at all times ensures maximum
productivity and gives producers a competitive edge. Poor voltage regulation and harmonic distortion,
including voltage notching, flicker and short term sagging, are no longer acceptable reasons for
production downtime.

Thycon Active Voltage Regulators (AVR) accurately and continuously regulate voltage and minimise
harmonic distortion of the power supply to maintain your business productivity.

At higher power levels, AVRs can provide substantial energy saving and improved power network
availability for existing power distribution infrastructure.


  • Minimised electricity supply bill penalty costs
  • Minimised disturbance notching and flicker caused by heavily switched loads
  • Increased power distribution network availability of up to 30%

AVR features and benefits

  • Thycon’s Static Flywheel Technology
  • Continuous, accurate power factor regulation
  • Minimised harmonic distortion, notching, flicker and short term sagging
  • Energy saving
  • Soft-start control
  • Robust technology
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • How maintenance cost
  • Compact, modular construction
  • Indoor or outdoor enclosures
  • Australian made


  • Remote monitoring
  • Thycon power system monitor
  • Expansion
  • Container modules

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