Triplen Transformer

Triplen Transformer

The Triplen is a self-contained power conditioning system designed to provide your computer centre with reliable computer grade power, while trapping system harmonic currents that could seriously overload the building cables.

Thycon Triplen transformers are suitable for applications requiring:

  • 3rd harmonic elimination
  • Isolation
  • Voltage transformation

Triplen features and benefits

  • 3rd harmonic elimination
  • Single point grounding
  • Foil wound transformers
  • Substantial system application savings as neutral cable rating is greatly reduced
  • Energy savings
  • Soft-start control
  • High overload capacity
  • Robust technology
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Compact, modular construction
  • Indoor or outdoor enclosures
  • Australian made


  • Ground fault interrupter
  • Custom specified alarms module, localĀ or remote
  • Line and load parameters display (volts, current etc.)
  • Line disturbance analysis
  • Diagnostic terminals

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