Uninterruptible Power Supply - Light Industrial Modular

Uninterruptible Power Supply - Light Industrial Modular

THYCON’s FlexiPower UPS
boasts the highest performance, lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and greatest availability of any modular UPS system.

FlexiPower Series 25 Frame Technology
scales from 10kW to 250kW at up to 322kW/sqm.

FlexiPower Series 60 Frame Technology
scales from 50kW to 3600kW at up to 533kW/sqm.

FlexiPower Technology allows you to scale your power or provide redundancy whenever you require it without risk to your site.

THYCON’s FlexiPower Frame Technology
features hot-swappable:

• UPS Power Modules
• CB Modules
• Battery Modules

that allow safe removal and/or insertion without the need to power down or transfer to raw mains supply.

THYCON FlexiPower Technology™ achieves the Highest Efficiency & Availability as well as the ability to maintain while online. These unique features directly address today’s requirement for continuous uptime by achieving 99.999999% availability (nine nines).

THYCON’s FlexiPower UPS Power Module Technology
offers leading performance advantages:
• 97% energy efficiency
• Smooth input current ramp up, so no need to oversize diesel generator or distribution
• Safe battery tests (no need to disconnect mains during tests)
• Continuous monitoring of Battery Modules and System Temperature & Humidity to ensure environmental continuity
• Local and remote monitoring 24/7 to ensure any unlikely performance or environmental issues are informed and managed immediately
• 20 year lifetime design

UPS & Battery Maintenance can be performed online at all times
• In a redundant system, each UPS Power and Battery Module can be unplugged, checked, and reinstated in the system without taking the entire system offline. UPS power is maintained to your critical load during each service.

Fully Monitored Service
• Each Isolator, UPS Power and Battery Module is monitored for performance, temperature and humidity.
• Full monitoring and reporting are available as desired or required allowing the THYCON Service Team to be fully aware and prepared in the unlikely event of a failure.

Lifetime Product Warranty
• Competitive monitoring and service contracts allow THYCON to provide ongoing warranty for the lifetime of the product.

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