High Speed Electronic Fuse

High Speed Electronic Fuse

The High Speed Electronic Fuse exhibits the same high speed features of the SSB while operating as a fast, fail-safe fuse.

SSBs and HSEFs are designed for Low Voltage AC or DC applications from 0.6 to 3.0MVA.


  • Silent interruption
  • No arcing, no moving parts, no gasses or oils (no such maintenance required)
  • Fast fault interruption time of 10 – 20 µs, including fault information acquisition and control response
  • Interruption levels that are very close to the fault detection trip levels
  • Let through current that is very small and is independent of the prospective fault level
  • Prospective fault current limitation to <10% of that of mechanical circuit breakers which in turn reduces mechanical cable stress (reduced maintenance)


  • Programming ability for automatic verification using multiple fast re-closure techniques for line-fault presence-verification (in kHz range)
  • Modular design that can be series connected for higher voltage applications or parallel connected for higher current applications
  • Design for AC or DC operation with identical performance
  • Highly reliable design – the same devices are used in mission critical Converters and Traction drives
  • Long life design – SSBs and HSEFs achieve 30 year lifetime with minimal maintenance and electronics upgrade requirement during this time


  • AC or DC application design
  • Low voltage or High voltage design
  • Monitoring connection to on-site monitoring systems
  • Remote Monitoring from Thycon Service Centre
  • Additional fuse circuit can be attached for added backup protection in the unforseen case of SSB failure

Solid State Breakers (SSB) and High Speed Fuses (HSEF) are designed for applications where fast isolation is required.

  • Co-generation systems
  • Switchboards
  • Static Transfer Switches


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