As a long-time partner to Australia’s aviation industry and air defence forces, Thycon manufactures a range of military grade 400Hz static frequency converter systems for ground power applications and Constant Current Regulators for runway lighting. 

Ground Power
Our 400Hz frequency converter systems are suitable for both centralised and non-centralised installations, with reticulation at either 960 or 200Vac.

For 960V distribution we provide a fully integrated solution incorporating 960/200V step down isolation transformers, each with appropriate interlocking and aircraft umbilical cables.

Thycon can also provide remote control and load shedding capabilities for ease of use and energy efficiency.

All Thycon 400Hz equipment is supplied with an integrated output transformer allowing the output to be configured either floating or referenced to ground. 

Centralised 400Hz systems may be built for parallel redundant operation for improved reliability or to accommodate increases in load demands.

De-centralised systems are typically smaller and may be supplied in fixed free standing enclosures or mounted on wheels for portable applications.

Thycon Static Frequency Converters may be found at Qantas Jet Base, RAAF Williamtown, RAAF Edinburgh & RAAF Amberley, as well as BAe, Robertson Barracks and various other defence sites. 

Airfield Lighting
Thycon’s true sine wave Constant Current Regulators (CCR) represent the leading edge of current sourced inverter design.

Delivering a true sine wave current at all intensities, Thycon’s CCR set point current is unaffected by changes in load, maintaining a transient free current profile to your runway lights, maximising their life and reducing maintenance costs.

Thycon’s CCR units support both high level Modbus and Low Level Digital input control with minimal electronics. The equipment is simple to maintain, robust and has minimal active control components. 

Our current CCR design represents over 40 years of technological innovation and can be found at most major Australian airports, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as various smaller airfields and airforce bases.

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