PFC & Harmonic Mitigation


Traditional approaches to power factor correction utilise large switched capacitor banks. This approach has a number of issues including:

  • Capacitor current inrush imposes transient surges on the supply
  • Correction can only be achieved in fixed quanta
  • Slow response
  • High failure rate of switchgear and capacitors

In the high voltage arena, power companies have utilised high voltage Static VAR compensators to solve these issues.

Thycon have adapted this technology for low voltage applications, providing fast, precise power factor correction without capacitor switching or the associated failures.

This product is known as the Active Power Regulator (APR).

Through careful design, the APR may be constructed as a large filter for harmonic currents, providing a dramatic improvement in voltage distortion.

Thycon also provides a number of passive harmonic solutions, including phase shifting and triplen transformers and tuned LC filters.

Thycon harmonic mitigating equipment may be found at Royal Children’s Hospital, Coles, Perth Print, Sarina Pumping Station, Ararat Prison and iseek to name a few.

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