Defence Experience & History
With over 40 years design & manufacture experience in power conversion systems including 25 years experience in the design & supply of defence frequency conversion equipment for a wide range of applications, Thycon is well placed to work with any defence department to provide a reliable solution that will meet the wide range in needs seen across defence.

The fact that most of the equipment supplied by Thycon has been in continuous operation in the harsh Australian Environment with minimal maintenance bears testament to the robust 25 year design life that Thycon prides itself in delivering.

The current record for Thycon equipment operating in a critical application at an Airport exceeds 40 years; with this testament to reliability who else would you trust to ensure your defence capabilities are supported with reliable equipment.

Frequency Converters for Navy and Air Force
With many Navy vessels designed for 60Hz on-board power, dockside power in many ports and naval facilities requires conversion from the local 50Hz network to a reliable 60Hz supply negating the need to run ship board generation when in dock and hence reducing burn of expensive and high emission ship fuel.

Likewise, military aircraft require clean & reliable 400Hz power supply whilst stationary to conserve expensive aviation fuel & ensure that systems can still be operated and tested with aircraft engines turned off.

Thycon’s years of experience providing dockside power for a range of vessel sizes including patrol boats, mine hunters, submarines and destroyers, and 400Hz power for a range of aircraft sizes including fighters, carriers, and commercial jets means that operators can be confident that they will have the power available when required.

Thycon’s proprietary static flywheel technology ensures that even under varying and high inertia mechanical loads such as gun turrets & loading winches efficient & reliable power is available on demand.

Thycon 50/60Hz Converters can range from between 50kVA – 6MVA for a single converter with paralleling options available to increase the size of this capacity or alternatively provide flexibility & redundancy of supply.

Thycon 50/400Hz Converters can range from between 25kVA – 500kVA for a single converter with paralleling options available to increase the size of this capacity or alternatively provide flexibility & redundancy of supply.

Dockside and aircraft power reticulation can be configured to maximise flexibility or minimise installation costs and parasitic losses using Thycon proprietary 960V conversion technology and combining centralised and/or de-centralised reticulation schemes.

Frequency Converter Design Options

  • Centralised Power House Systems
  • De-centralised Dockside Systems
  • Portable Containerised Dockside Systems


  • Navy Base Power House
  • Dockside Power
  • Aircraft Hangar Facilities
  • Weapons Testing Facilities
  • Command and Training Centre Facilities

Runway Lighting Constant Current Regulation
Thycon Constant Current Regulators are designed to provide high-quality, regulated, single phase power to achieve maximum performance and lifetime of airfield lighting systems while achieving high power quality and energy efficiency for the Aircraft Base.

Features that provide extended lifetime and reliability of runway lighting systems

  • Sinusoidal output current and voltage throughout the load range and intensity settings
  • Low THDV & THDi ensuring lowest possible flicker & cable/bulb degradation
  • Low EMI & EMF ensuring lowest possible flight systems interference
  • Soft start and intensity transition facility
  • Comprehensive protection for open circuit, overvoltage and over-current

Features that enhance energy efficiency and power quality of supply to the Aircraft Base

  • Input power factor > 0.95 at all loads
  • Supply harmonic injection <3%

Special Projects – MESA Radar Program
Thycon’s reputation for robust, long life, quality equipment has in recent years seen international recognition with authorisation by the US Department of Defence to collaborate with Northrop Grumman in the design, manufacture and testing of radar power supply requirements for the Wedgetail (Australia) And Peace Eagle (Turkey) Multirole Electronically Scanned Array (MESA) Radar Program.

Operations/Command/Training Capabilities
Defence facilities require clean, uninterruptible 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz power to ensure mission critical systems can operate 24hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thycon’s years of experience providing Industrial UPS power for a range of Operations, Control Towers and Training Facilities means that operators can be confident that they will have the power available when required.

Ruggedised Thycon Industrial UPS equipment has been installed on Flight Simulators, Air Craft Control Towers, Radar Systems and Training/Repair Facilities.

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