Mining / Process


In today’s world, ensuring the uptime of critical business processes is an essential component in maximising ROI of your plant & equipment. While maintenance has its role to play, industry is dependent on the reliability of their external power supply.

Thycon provide large industrial UPS systems for meeting process power reliability requirements of an entire site. While an outage may last for only a short while, it often has a huge impact on a business’s processes. A Thycon UPS coupled with a small energy storage system provides the capability to ride through these outages, avoiding costly downtime and thereby maximising your plants productivity.

By utilising an interactive offline UPS topology, Thycon provide our customers with uninterrupted power while filtering and power factor correcting the site’s power for maximum power quality. Peak load lopping and tariff shifting capabilities can also be included in the UPS to further reduce power consumption costs.

Other power quality issues can also be remedied with Thycon’s range of power quality equipment including:

  • Harmonic / notch filtering associated with large VSD drives or similar
  • Fast Power Factor Correction
  • Voltage & Frequency Regulation
  • Fault isolation and/or limitation, including asymmetric fault elimination

These solutions all involve applications of Thycon Frequency Converters, Static VAR compensators (APR), phase shifting, triplen & isolation transformers, Fault Current Limiters and passive filters.

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