Rail / Traction


Thycon manufactures a range of equipment targeted for use in the rail network including:

  • 50/25Hz 2.2kV Cyclo-converters
  • Industrial UPS Systems
  • Uncontrolled and Controlled Rectifiers
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • Static DC Switches
  • Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filtering

Thycon equipment is well suited to rail applications, with our long design life (+25 years) and robust construction matching the requirements of the rail network.

Thycon’s products are based around well established and fault tolerant thyristor devices, rather than newer and more delicate IGBT semi-conductors.


Our UPS systems offer a range of benefits focused on rail needs including:

  • Low maintenance, robust design
  • Naturally cooled fan free options
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Outdoor cabinets

Thycon equipment can be found extensively across the Victorian Rail network including substations, railway stations and Railway Control Centres.

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